Marketing Plan in a Day

Let the People Who Approve It, Create It

Your annual marketing plan is the actual implementation of your company’s objectives. It’s way too important to be left to an up-and-coming junior executive working by herself copying last year’s outline. Marketing Plan in a Day (MPD) challenges your organization to get everyone in a room together for six extraordinary and exhilarating hours. From your CEO to your CFO to your CSO to your CMO.  MPD Is a proprietary process that knocks down silos, rolls over corporate fiefdoms and gets everyone to agree on everything you’ll need to get where you want to go. Totally customized and proven effective, MPD simply turns “we should” into “we will.” 

  • Identify where your business is, where it’s going and how it will get there
  • Create an implementation plan and a wish list alternate
  • Clarify budgets and priorities
  • Get total agreement and sign off at day’s end from all attendees
  • Assign deliverables, deadlines, dates and responsibilities

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