We help improve, build and rebuild brands and businesses—quickly, efficiently, collaboratively. We’ve worked in virtually every business category and have the experience and perspective to deliver the results you need.

We conduct lunch ‘n learns, talks and workshops, full day and two-day intensive business building sessions. We’re authors whose writing informs our brand engagements. Our books are both evergreen and continuously updated with the latest insights and examples. Our tips, techniques and insights drive action in the fast-changing marketing landscape.

We are marketers and creative directors. We understand both parts of the equation and what it takes to create powerful brand propositions that connect with customers in compelling ways. Our process is completely original as is our content. We customize every engagement to address your brand and business needs with a focus on product and practice you can activate immediately. Our interactive training enables you to integrate our best practices into your organization’s operating methods.

Everything we do helps make your team more skilled, motivated and productive. Our training work is at your site, on your timing and within budgets you can afford. Our engagements are entertaining and practical. Our answers address your questions and needs whether you want to refresh, refocus or rebuild your brands or business.

For more information about a program that’s best for you, contact Paul Kurnit at paul@psinsights.com or call 914-737-0300