Writing for All Audiences

Write Copy Customers Will Read

Most corporate communications is just a variation of a single message: “Our company is great! Our products (services) are terrific!” Besides you, who cares? Great corporate communications connects with your customers and makes them want to engage with your brand.  Crisp. Clear. Brief. And written in their own “language.” No one has the time to read lengthy, academic-style messages. So how do you move towards a customer-centric voice, yet keep the “corporate” style your internal stakeholders adore? 

  • Traditionals want face-to-face meetings. Golf. Dining. Entertainment.
  • Boomers will do calls and conference calls (somewhat ineptly).
  • GenX prefers emails with massive attachments and multiple CC’s.
  • Millennials want to text (far too frequently).
  • GenZ doesn’t want to hear from you at all. Or, reluctantly, in the cloud.

We’ll address it all. You’ll learn about different styles and voices, dive into “speaking like your audience,” and review actual examples of how major corporations are moving to a more customer-friendly voice. We’ll build on what you already know and give you additional tools to stay in tune with your customers and markets and turn your “corporate communications” into meaningful “customer engagement.” 

  • Increase marketing effectiveness
  • Put customer benefits in the front of your message
  • Improve your writing skills
  • Say more with less
  • Understand the power of editing
  • Get tools you can apply right away

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