Taming the Approval Process


Your approval process is out of control. It’s costing you tens of thousands of dollars in needless revisions. It’s taking a toll on morale and sapping the energy of your best team members. It’s causing your best work to not get out to your customers. 

Taming the Approval Process deconstructs the company / agency / freelance / supplier approval chain and provides twenty tips and strategies you can use to get things under control. 

  • Tips you can do immediately and on your own
  • Tips for your team
  • Tips your department can use
  • Company-wide strategies
  • They’ve ALL been used by different marketing groups and companies and proven to work.

Each tip was used in actual combat conditions; and every tip can simplify the process, shorten your schedule and save you money. One OTC Brand Manager told us she saved nearly $2 million (!) in revision costs year over year. 

It’s a 45-minute session that could put hundreds of hours back in your work schedule. Join us. It’s fun. It’s free. And we guarantee it’s infuriating. 

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