“Good job! Gave solid, concrete examples to bring common sense to life in an amazing way! The workshop gives the tools to make improvements right away. It’s full of wisdom, experiences, energy and much more. We learned so much from Steve and can’t wait for more from him.”

– General Motors

“Great program—I really enjoyed it. Upbeat, humorous. I like the two presenters; they were good storytellers. Paul and Steve were very knowledgeable & entertaining with real life experience. A nice mix of hands on work and presentation. The interactive group work was helpful and having the slide deck to follow along with and then keep is a great tool. The slides were perfect length to actually refer back to. I really like the frequent collaboration exercises, a great balance of creativity and practicality. Thanks so much!!”


“Interesting perspectives and content around creative and client interactions, the material was engaging, relevant and provoking. We should have done a program like this years ago. Steve tailored the workshop based on our specific pain points.”

– American Licorice Company

“Our speaker was amazing and I got a lot out of this that I plan to use in my job here at Houlihan’s and that I hope a lot of our team members use also. Thank you very much! Awesome stuff. Got a lot of great information to take back for day-to-day use.”

– Houlihan’s

“Steve was great and engaging, approachable and knowledgeable. He made it interesting and moved the material along—I never felt bored or distracted throughout the class. Loved the part about writing to your benefits rather than functionality. I think it would be useful for upper management to take this class too.”

– Anaplan

“I learned a lot more than I thought, I’ve since passed on information I heard and I had a much better time than I thought I would. Steve did a wonderful job of getting everyone involved and presented the material in an interesting way. He clearly did research on our industry before presenting so his material was customized for us. The content was spot on—I think positive changes to our brand will be the result. Great workshop!!!”

– Bissell

“The content was clear, concise and provided tools and information that seminar participants could use immediately and make a difference in their jobs. He presented great solutions to providing for each participants needs. Also he addressed very basic but important problems, like: unnecessary and non-effective meetings. This has been excellent! Thanks!”

– Yamaha Music Corporation