While pundits have bemoaned the loss of literacy in our society, they’ve missed the real revolution: there’s actually been an explosion in the written word that requires good writing skills more than ever before. Sadly, too many of us were trained in traditional essay and academic skills—and have no clue about the rules for the digisphere or the powerful opportunities of the new short digital and social forms. In this workshop, you’ll explore and engage in writing across a range of platforms: Classic print (ads and collateral material), digital (web and Emails) and social (Twitter, Blogs, Facebook). There are countless and growing ways marketers are now engaging with their audiences and with each other. How can you build a company writing culture that connects to brand opportunities through dynamic audience communication? In an intense, interactive session, we’ll work through some tips, some techniques and some exercises that will make every attendee a better writer…by the end of the session. Guaranteed.