How come all the great advertising you like isn’t yours? Why do all your marketing insights, research, consumer understandings and market opportunities get lost between you, your agency and your approval process? Why do your ideas somehow turn into mush by the time they’re executed? If they’re executed at all. And isn’t “executed” an interesting turn of phrase? If you’re a marketer, how come your agency isn’t giving you the kind of work you saw when they first won your account (and your hearts)? If you’re a creative director, copywriter, art director, or designer (no matter the medium you work in) how come your best work isn’t shown to the client – and is rarely approved the first time you show it? In short, what does it take to define, develop, create, approve and sustain a truly breakthrough campaign? This intensive blend of lecture, discussion, hands-on team exercises and real-world examples delivers the tools you need to be a more effective, successful partner in the often elusive, but crucially important, creative process.