In today’s marketplace, you can no longer afford to market without a Big Idea. The questions are: What is it? How do you get it? How do you recognize it? How do you bring it to the marketplace? From American Express’s Open to Enterprise Rent A Car “We’ll Pick You Up” to Scott Gutterson’s “” we’ll look at large and small examples of Big Ideas in the market. Then a series of interactive exercises will assess whether you have an environment where a Big Idea can come to life. As we like to say, “you can’t plant a garden until you get rid of the weeds.” We’ll explore the 7 Steps to developing a Big Idea in depth along with examples of how other companies have implemented this process to come up with their own Big Ideas. Along the way we talk about budget planning, budget building and business planning to bring the Big Idea to all your marketing materials and to the marketplace. And if you’re ready to change your marketing POV, we’ll lead a two-day session to uncover your Big Idea and bring it to market.