The Marketing Handbook


What You Need to Know to Make Your Business Go

All marketers know a lot about marketing. Not all marketers practice what they know. Here, in one condensed, concise booklet, are the fundamental questions every marketer—everyone in business—needs to ask and answer to make their business grow and succeed. It’s the fundamental “blocking and tackling” that makes marketing easier to master and control. Available for download as a Kindle single.



Competitive pressure, economic upheaval, technological change, global developments (even for mom and pop operations) and digital and social innovation underscore the urgent need for clear, workable marketing plans. Knowing where you’re going and how you’re going to get there is vital to your company’s success. And for the people who will help drive it. It always was. It’s now more critical than ever.

What’s in your marketing plan? Is it a rehash/mash-up of last year’s plan, budget and media schedule? That won’t get you where you need to go. Same old same old may be easy to write, but it’s not going to propel your business to new levels of growth. And if you’re a small business, do you even have a marketing plan?
You’ve got to look at everything.

We’ve worked with companies of all sizes—on both the agency side and the client side—in both marketing (Paul) and creative (Steve). As strategists, we help the companies we work with focus their marketing objectives and develop a plan that can get them where they want to go – clearly, collaboratively and successfully.
Time and again we see marketing plans that just won’t get the job done. So we wrote The Little Blue Book of Marketing: Build a Killer Plan in Less Than a Day. It’s a step-by-step guide to developing a plan that involves and includes all aspects of your business: Marketing. Branding. Sales. Finance. Advertising. Because the truth is, no marketing plan will succeed unless everyone in the company is part of the process and part of the solution.

The first half of the book was dedicated to how to run a marketing planning session. The second half addressed everything you needed to include to make your plan a success. Not just your objectives and budget, but a comprehensive overview of your entire business built around three fundamental questions: Where are you now? Where are you going? How will you get there?

It captures the basic blocking and tackling of marketing. Nothing fancy. Just the foundation that you—and everyone on your team—should agree on. These are the questions that all your planning is built on.

So here they are in one condensed booklet. A handy desktop guide you can refer to on a regular basis. If you have the answers to every question we’ve posed, you’re well on your way to a successful year and successful future. If you haven’t, well, get the team together and get to work!