The Little Blue Book of Advertising


52 Small Ideas That Can Make A Big Difference

The Little Blue Book of Advertising offers relief, some smiles, and even some sanity when everyone around you might be losing their minds. It’s a quick read you’ll refer to again and again! A toolbox of back-to-basic ideas that will help break creative logjams, settle disagreements with clients or agencies, sharpen, focus, and generally improve any ad campaign. It’s filled with those ‘Why didn’t I think of that’ truths that make it a must-read for everyone working in advertising. Order today on Amazon.



These days, the fundamentals of advertising that truly build great brands are often overlooked. But Steve Lance and Jeff Woll are leading a back-to-what-works movement with The Little Blue Book of Advertising.

This is a short, fun-to-read, practical book designed to be read quickly and referred to again and again. Each of their fifty-two ideas relates to day-to-day problems with real examples, then provides an innovative, sometimes blunt solution. For instance:

  • #3 Read what your customer reads, watch what she watches
  • #10 Quality is the absence of nonquality signals
  • #15 Sell the benefit, the advantage, and the feature—in that order
  • #19 Get the no-bodies out of your approval process
  • #41 Know when and how to scream “sale”

Just as Jeffrey Gitomer’s hugely successful The Little Red Book of Selling became the gotta-have resource for salespeople, Steve Lance and Jeff Woll have written the perfect handbook for what does and doesn’t work in today’s advertising world.