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40 Ideas That Can Shape Your Career

Over the years we got good advice from some very smart people. When we have the opportunity to share our knowledge—in workshops, luncheons, talks, keynotes or with interns and young hires—it seems we find ourselves repeating these 40 pearls of wisdom time and again. From famous authors to marketing legends to people you’ve never heard of, these masters all had a pearl of wisdom to share with us. And now we share them with you. Order and download the Kindle single here.



We’ve been blessed. Since the first days of our careers, we’ve had the privilege of working with some very smart people. And then we were smart enough to listen to them. Over the years we’ve gotten hundreds of great insights and ideas from these people. Ideas that became so ingrained in our working lives that we no longer remember a time when they weren’t an innate part of our working process.
But a very special few stick out. And when we have the opportunity to share our knowledge in workshops, luncheons, talks, keynotes or in class, with interns and new hires, it seems we find ourselves repeating these 40 pearls of wisdom more often than others.

We always like to say, “Some of you may know most of this; all of you know some of this; but we all forget much of it most of the time.” We think you’ll find a lot of these may be ideas you’re already using. But we also think you’ll find some serious insights that can change the way you see your job and the way you work.
We’ve put these quotes together by theme. For us, they kind of tell a story of how to be better in business. We’re sure many of the quotes we’ve listed have been said before by other people. Throughout this book, whenever we’ve credited a source, we’ve simply listed the first person we heard say it. If you know of an earlier citation, feel free to let us know.

And what about great advice you’ve gotten? Feel free to share that with us, as well. We’ll credit you in our next edition of this booklet. If you get a moment, shoot us an e-mail and let us know which tips you’re planning to use that you’d never heard before. Or just sign up for our blog and keep getting them on a daily basis.
Either way, we think you’ll get an enormous amount of value from what follows.