March 2017 - PS Insights


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Last, but not least, you’re welcome to connect with us on LinkedIn. We hope you chose to follow us on one of our platforms. If you haven’t selected one or more yet, click on any of the icons we sent and you’ll be back on the PS Insights feed. And don’t forget we’ll be writing longer-form blogs on our Website starting in a month or so. When that happens, we’ll automatically move your current subscription over. Thanks for the comments and support—and all aboard!


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Visual memes are great fun and capture important cultural moments. So, find us on Instagram as we generate visual memes you can like, repost, print out for your bulletin board or refrigerator. Click on the icon and sign up to follow us on Instagram. We welcome your memeingful suggestions, too. What’s your meme-ing of life?


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If you’ve enjoyed our daily “quick hits,” our Facebook feed is in a similar length and format. Click on this Facebook icon which will take you directly to our PS Insights page and don’t forget to give us a “like” every now and then and comment to let us know how you feel and how we’re doing.


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As we wrote yesterday, we’re migrating our social media conversation over to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. If you’re already a Twitter subscriber, just click on this Twitter icon which will take you directly to our feed. Then select “follow” and we will be back in your inbox.  Short and Tweet!


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 We missed you, too! And thanks for the lovely notes you sent since our daily blog stopped coming daily.

After posting regularly for the past five years, we realized we needed to revamp our social media strategy. While we’ve enjoyed writing our daily thoughts—and you’ve enjoyed reading them—algorithms have evolved, search engines have become more selective and both social and mobile media have changed the digital landscape.

Since early December, our new managing partner, Earl Stoner, has been leading a crew of young marketing execs (okay, okay…interns) in enhancing our presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

We’ve started with new memes on Instagram; updated and refreshed some old posts on Facebook; and have been connecting it all on #Twitter and LinkedIn. In a few weeks, we’re going to be rolling out a longer-form blog on our website PS Insights while continuing the shorter-form daily hits on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Over the next few days we’ll give you links to sign up for our PS Insights streams. Or if you’re socially savvy and eager to catch up, click on any or all of the images above and they’ll take you there. We hope you’ll join us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, comment on Instagram or connect with us on LinkedIn. And when we start the new blog format, we’ll automatically move your current subscription over to the new landing page.

We hope you’re having a great 2017—and we look forward to being part of it. And since we’ve traditionally ended our blogs with a provocative question, we wonder, “Which platform will be your “go to” to follow us on?”