October 2016 - PS Insights


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Image result for the end of tvEvery semester we do a guest appearance at Martin Kagan’s class at Pace University. He teaches Arts Management – a fast-growing program where students who want to be in the arts but aren’t sure they will make it as performers can learn the business side of managing a theater, being an agent, etc. Last week we did a talk—and showed several recent popular commercials—and none of these very connected 19- and 20-year-olds had seen any of them. How are you looking to reach Millennials these days?


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Image result for DEADLINEThere’s nothing like a tight deadline to get turn motivation into action. We have outlines for three new books at the moment; but because we’re not under any deadline we’ve been back-burnering them for the better part of the year. What have you got on your plate that you’re not dealing with because no one’s demanding it of you?


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Image result for STEAL THIS BOOKWhen we tell a friend or close business associate that we’ve just published a new book, they often ask, “Could you send me a copy?” Now that we’ve written three books and a half-dozen eBooks, we understand a truth a famous author told us years ago: “The nicest thing you can do for an author is buy her book.” She was right. We’re thrilled when we say to a friend we’ve just published a new book and they respond, “Wow! Can I buy one?” How do you properly acknowledge the achievements of people whose work you respect?