August 2013 - PS Insights


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What do these four things have in common?

1. Manhattan psychotherapists
2. The cast of Saturday Night Live
3. The country of France
4. PS Insights


Answer: We’re all taking the month of August off!
Have a great rest of summer, we’ll be back after Labor Day.
Paul & Steve


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It’s all the buzz. Advertising that doesn’t look, act, or sound like advertising. But it is. While industry is congratulating itself for this new stealth selling, we just think it’s another version of deceptive advertising. Why can’t the industry just make better advertising that consumers really want to see?


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We’re continually struck by the obfuscation of road signs in America. In Europe most cities have clear signs that direct motorists to the center of the city. In New York, the newly named RFK bridge (formally Triboro) directs us nowhere. If you don’t know your way, you’ll likely end up across the bridge in the wrong borough. Signs should help us get where we want to go. What do you do in your work to provide clear signs to help – or even delight – your customers?