February 2010 - PS Insights


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See the experience through their eyes. We have a friend who owns an advertising agency. Every year or so he calls his company as if he’s a total stranger looking to give his company new  business. The first time he tried it he spent 20 minutes stuck in his phone tree, being transferred to different offices. He learned a lot from the pain of his experience. Now every facet of his business reflects his learning. Responsive customer connection is reflected on on his web site, in his phone tree and every employee knows exactly what to do with a new business call. Whatever your business, experience it like a customer. How are you treated? What’s good and great? What can be improved? Now go out and make it better!


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Want to improve your writing? Don’t speak for a day. Some societies even have a cultural term for this. It’s called a “word fast.” The trick is to take a notebook and pen and then only communicate by writing. Or texting. Don’t answer your phone. Don’t speak to people. Only communicate with them by writing. At the end of the day you’ll find your writing has become more precise, clearer and more action oriented. Now bring those attributes back into your daily writing.