December 2009 - PS Insights


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Many creative people take the attitude, “get out of my way and just let me create.” It’s a path to unfocused, unsatisfying work…that will lead to many revisions. A tightly defined strategy is not confining, it’s liberating. When you create to a clear direction, the sky’s the limit to brilliant solutions. If you want to be a great (not just good) creative person, don’t start any assignment without a clear strategy.



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Too many people manage blindly. They may know what they’re doing and demanding, but no one else does. It’s all highly subjective and changeable day by day. If you want to be a great manager, for any given project always make your objective clear. You’ll find people are much happier working for you and will be much more efficient and successful in meeting your stated goals.


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A simple way to test your pop culture IQ is to review the 25 most interesting people published in People magazine every year. In the age of social media, you’ll want to know who’s the center of the social swirl, too. So score yourself on who you know and look to increase your score every year. You’ll find, as in many things, the more you know, the more you know.