June 2009 - PS Insights


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Everyone wants “integrated marketing.” We hear a lot of ad agencies pitching clients based on their “integrated marketing” prowess and credentials. But the best-integrated marketer we’ve met in the past few months is a printer in Daytona, FL. That’s right, a printer! DME started as a direct mail shop. Today they have a full-service film and video center where they can create and uplink corporate videos, v-casts and a vast range of digital messages, Web sites and, of course, “good old-fashioned” direct mail to their customers’ databases. They manage the databases, they constantly mine the data, they customize and integrate all the messages… No surprise, they’re a growing, dynamic business with a real future. Are you an integrated marketing player? Or, do you just claim you are?


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 Memories of David Carradine: We once read an interview that had a photo of him on the set directing one of his movies. On the side of his camera was a handwritten sign, “Share The Glory.” The article made no reference to the sign, but its meaning was clear: Carradine understood that filmmaking (like real business) is a complex, collaborative process. He knew his success depended on dozens of other people…and sharing that success was the key to good, strong working relationships. Who have you acknowledged lately as indispensable to your accomplishments?

2:55 vs 3PM

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Got a co-worker with A.D.D. or a distracted multitasker in your life? One subtle way to manage them is to use five minute time increments. It’s a universal belief that “2:55” is a lot earlier than “five to 3.” Almost an hour earlier! So when one of us wants to make sure the other one isn’t late, we tell him the meeting’s set. For 2:55pm. Works every time. What management tricks on troops do you use to best manage those people?