December 2008 - PS Insights


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The beauty of being a predictor of the future is that you”ve been paid and you”re gone before anyone can prove you were wrong. Everyone loves to hear about their future, fortunetellers, weather forecasters and futurists have known and profited from this fact for centuries. The truth is…no one has a clue. (“Life”s like a movie, write your own ending.”) The best we can do is take history and the present and project the way things might turn our a few days or years down the road. But when it comes to business, don”t believe us? Well, when was the last time you ever read a business plan that included a recession…?


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How do you achieve success? One of the keys is access. Getting to the right people at the right time with the right idea is 90% of success. Knowing what to do when you”ve got the access is the other 10%. Success without access is simply self-satisfaction. Which may not be a bad thing if you”re planning to be a monk and enjoy talking to yourself. If you think about your successes in life, notice how many of them required access to someone or something that other people didn”t have. When was the last time you focused on access as a means to achieving greater success?