October 2008 - PS Insights


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 Hey, Urker! Why don’t we take this crawly, alien-looking creature with slimy insides, boil it in a pot of water and eat it? Yuck. There’s an extraordinary array of foods, ideas, clothes, attitudes and beliefs that we take for granted that required an extraordinary leap of faith 100, 500 or 5,000 years ago. How many humans had to die before all the safe mushrooms got identified? Who ever thought to take the hair from a goat’s testicles and weave it into cloth? What brilliant idea are you missing right now because it’s hidden in (not so plain) sight?


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There comes a moment in all our lives when we have The Giant Duh! The moment when we demonstrate our overwhelming stupidity,  or is it ignorance or innocence? The moment when it occurs to us that everyone around us understood something that has eluded us for the moment or all along. What makes it a “duh!” is that it”s never cataclysmic and it”s always reassuring, cleansing, amusing and a little bit humbling when we finally get it. What was your last Giant Duh!?