August 2008 - PS Insights


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We all admire the well-turned speech; the easy, comfortable presentation. The best speakers, especially the ones who appear to be talking off the cuff, script their presentation. Every pause. Every joke. Every aside. A friend of ours once remarked “it took me 55 years to become an overnight success.” like the old Picasso joke: He scribbles a drawing for a tourist who asked him, “how much is it?” He responded, $5,000. “But it took you less than a minute!” “No it didn’t,” Picasso replied. “It took me 60 years.” Are you making what you do look too easy?


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Humor is a great icebreaker. We’ve all been to those first encounters: meetings, blind dates, first day of school, new job, new neighbors, etc., that are inherently awkward. Time and again we’ve seen that the humorous observation or right joke in the right situation can completely change and positively charge the situation. Conversation flows more easily. The relationship develops more naturally. But just like stand-up comedy, timing is everything. What were the funniest topics you use to break the ice?


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If money knew who owned it, Mother Teresa would have been rich and all the rest of us good people would be a lot richer than we are. Money isn’t a way of keeping score. It isn’t your mother or your father. It isn’t a validation of your existence. It’s a tool. And it’s payment for services rendered. If you think you’re not getting paid what you’re worth, raise your rates. The marketplace will give you an answer every time. Do you even know what the market thinks you’re worth? If you don’t know the answer, when was the last time you raised your rates?