June 2008 - PS Insights


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We learned a very interesting lesson years ago. We’re both lovers of music and film and we started writing popular art criticism. It was challenging and empowering. But it took the fun out of the forms. If you know you’ve got to formally criticize something you love, you can’t attend to it with the same open receptivity. You’re looking for something to be wrong, something that will make you so damned smart people will admire your angst and acumen. The late Charlie Roth, editor of the Jewish Post once said to us: “I used to think the opposite of joy was sorrow. Then I realized the opposite of joy is significance. The minute someone told me that what I was doing was significant, it seemed to take all the fun out of it.” Music and movies are to be enjoyed. You’ve got hobbies you love, too. Nurture what you love. Go at your hobbies and interests with gusto. Let business be business and hobbies be the reprieve and reprise from the daily grind. What do you do for fun? And how passionately and non-critically do you enjoy it?