May 2008 - PS Insights


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We were listening to an inspirational audio CD from Dan Kennedy called “Confidence, Power, Dollars & Wealth” a recording of a training conference he runs for professionals such as dentists, chiropractors, doctors, etc. He made one point that seemed to leap out of the speakers at us when he said (in effect), “quality isn’t a sales hook.” His point was simple: people can never know how good your product or service is until they’ve taken it home and used it. Until then, no matter how good you are, you”re no better than even your worst competitor. In a nutshell, Kennedy explained why businesses need marketers and advertisers, and most of all a marketing plan. Because the real job of marketing is to get your customers to believe how good you are before they buy you, so they”ll buy you. How do you make your customers believe? What”s your sales hook?