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Besides lying about your results, which the SEC, your investors and your mother tend to frown upon, there are only four possible answers:

1.      “Terrible.” If your business isn’t what it could be or isn’t what it used to be, what are you doing about it?

2.      “Could be better…” That’s likely the answer everyone could give. And whose fault is that? If your business could be better, the only person who can make it better is you.

3.     “Same old, same old.” Uh-oh. Sounds like what the dinosaurs used to say to each other just before the meteor struck. “Same old, same old” leads to rear-view mirror vision.

4.     “Great! Couldn’t be better!” Really? Couldn’t be better? Well then, be afraid…be very afraid. One of the truths is: the more successful you are, the more tempting a target you become.

OK, so we lied. There’s a fifth answer to the question “How’s business?” And every business should strive for this one, “Great. Could be better.” No matter what shape your business is in, you should be actively engaged in an effort to improve it. Check out Breakthrough! available online and at bookstores everywhere.

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