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What’s the difference between a failed idea and a failed marketing strategy? Some ideas are just plain bad. Others are good, but they take some effort to find the winning message. That was the case with Pampers. Procter & Gamble knew moms wanted the ease, convenience, cost-savings and less-mess approach of disposable diapers, but P&G couldn’t find the winning message in launching the product. None of those points—points moms themselves raised in focus groups and consumer studies—resonated with the audience when P&G took Pampers to market. It wasn’t until they hit on the strategy “keeps your baby drier” that sales took off. Because the real value to new moms in disposable diapers is what the diapers mean to their babies. And, yes, consumers lie in research all the time. So when you’re looking for the Big Idea, make sure you see the difference between the idea and how you’re marketing it. Check out Breakthrough! – available online at your favorite book e-tailer.

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