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   It’s also NOT easy being green. Selling customers on your “green-ness” is harder than selling your company. No quickie green campaign. Make it EVERgreen. Start by asking yourself, “would we be doing this initiative if it weren’t the right thing to do as well as being right for our customers? If going green doesn’t make sense on every level, go back to your greenboard and start all over. Today green is not the leverageable play. It’s the foundation for doing business the right way.


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     It’s Easy Being Green. Start internally. Develop a green plan for your company that makes you look good – and saves your business beaucoups bucks! Are the lights in the bathrooms on timers? Are the lights in the building on timers? Are there energy uses that can be shifted to hours when rates are cheaper? Are there waste products that can be resold (the way restaurants sell their grease to purifiers and soap makers)? Put your green cap on and make your company be smart, look smart and save smart…and you’ll look good as well.


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What apps work with your business? How can you do cooperative marketing with them? Do a search of apps that are relevant to your business. Ask yourself if there’s a way you can co-market with those companies. Or take it all the way and buy the business. It worked for UPS when they bought Mailboxes, etc. and it worked for FedEx when they bought Kinkos. Find the relevant apps and apply them to your marketing opps– in partnership or as an acquisition.


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It’s as important as managing the business. Clear out the stumbling blocks inside your company to making great ideas happen. Too often businesses are set up to do business as usual – they aren’t set up to do business as unusual. So if you’ve got a good idea, it can die a strangling death because the methodology doesn’t exist to bring the idea to market. Next time you have a great idea, ask yourself whether the methodology within your company will allow you to do the business of the unusual — the business of better. If not, fix the methodology.


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What’s your rush to roll it out nationally? Is your media company and ad agency pushing? Push back. Ask them “what’s the rush?” Is it an internal department? Your boss? There’s a saying that “guts is cheaper than research.” That might have been true 50 years ago, but today there’s plenty of affordable research that can help you determine whether you’re heading for the pot of gold…or just smoking pot. Do the research and don’t be in a rush to get it out there.